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I know! This is the coolest thing ever!" - Rachel Ray "There's a new way for Mr. Claus to talk to your child ... the telephone" - Katie Couric
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USA Today - "Santa goes high tech on the Internet." - Amy Lorentzen, Associated Press

Santa Claus is going high-tech, as more children and parents are able to reach the jolly old elf online. features an online form where parents, friends and relatives can request personalized letters and phone calls, which last three minutes or more depending on how many children are whispering-or shouting-their Christmas wishes in Santa's ear. finds that to skeptics, the thought of going online to find Santa can sound high-tech and impersonal. But the live phone call from Santa in reality is more believable and more in keeping with the Santa Claus legend because they are highly personalized by the parents...Santa knows all.

The New York Times - "Santa goes high tech on the Internet." - Amy Lorentzen, Associated Press

At a breakfast with Santa this year, 3-year old Cassidy "didn't want anything to do with the fat man," her mom remembers. But when Santa called last Sunday, Cassidy froze in giddy shock, the phone locked to her ear. "I love you, Santa," she whispered.

It used to be that the holiday-season ritual of talking to Santa always meant a trip to the mall. But parents are turning increasingly to commercial services that provide phone calls from a Santa that knows not only what is on the child's wish list, but also the names of siblings, friends and teachers, favorite vacation spots and what was under the tree last year.

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"Click Here for Santa's Lap; Wired Children Visit St. Nick Via Their Home Computers; Instant Messaging the Elves." - Kortney Stringer, The Wall St. Journal

Seven-year-old Parker not only still believes in Santa Claus, he also talked to him on the phone. In a five-minute conversation, Santa called Parker for a quick chat, sharing some gossip and trivia about goings-on at the North Pole. Parker was delighted to learn that his own father had made Santa's "Naughty" list.

A growing number of Santa-themed websites, like, are trying to create a real Santa experience for a generation of kids who learned to click a mouse before they could read. In many cases, online Santas are more believable than the grandfatherly men in red suits and cottony beards at the local mall.

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Parents Magazine - "A great fun way to help your little on contact the big Guy."

The Opnionated Parent - "It's Santa! It's really Santa!" - Rachelle

Waiting in line at the mall to see a creepy Santa with his beard half hanging off and garlic breath, and then paying $15 for a crappy picture of my kid with him isn't my idea of a great Christmas memory.

Don't get me wrong. I love Santa. I love the idea of Santa and the spirit and kindness and giving that surrounds it. I just don't love the mall in December. If you're in the same spot, you may never need to go there again. To see Santa anyway-the shopping's totally your call. We've found an awesome website that gives your children the kind of wonderful personal Santa experience you want for them without any of the hassle.

Read more - "It's Santa! It's really Santa!" - Rachelle

We had just finished dinner and were talking about getting ready for the bed, when the phone rang. I answered on speaker, Daddy grabbed the video camera, and we heard "HO HO HO."

It was SANTA!! Santa was WONDERFUL! He asked Carson lots of questions (he even asked how Nate and Sophia and Carson's teachers were doing--he knew their names!) Then, he talked to Carson about playing soccer and football, because he knows Carson likes sports. Carson told him that he has to play them outside, and Santa said, "HO HO HO, yes you do! And not when there is snow on the ground!"

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