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Live Phone Calls from SANTA!

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Here's where you choose the latest, most exciting, and most BELIEVABLE way to visit with Santa Claus - over the telephone!

No more standing in long lines at busy malls to see Santa Claus! offers you live personalized phone calls from the REAL Santa Claus, in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you are traveling!). When Santa personally calls your child(ren), he will know everything Santa Claus SHOULD know.....friends names, pets names, how they are doing in school, their favorite toys, and most certainly whether they made the Naughty or Nice list... right down to the details!

A live phone call from Santa Claus from offers the most exciting and memorable way to talk to Santa! Completely personalized, completely fun, and totally believable!! It's sure to be the highlight gift of the season for the entire family! Schedule your personal phone call from Santa today and get ready to witness the awe and complete joy on your child's face when they talk to Santa. It's quite simply..MAGICAL!

We offer 2 types of calls:

  • The Live Call is for a single child, and generally last for 4-5 minutes.
  • The Extended Live Call is for up to 3 children, and generally last for 8-10 minutes.

Have a special request? Simply send us an email by clicking the "Contact Us" button. Santa has spoken to entire families, classrooms full of children, kids with special needs, and yes even assisted in marriage proposals!

AND to capture this memory of a lifetime we record the entire conversation between your child and Santa Claus, so be sure to take advantage and order the MP3 or keepsake CD, so your family can enjoy the experience for years to come.

It's easy to Set up your live call from Santa Claus

  1. Select the type of call and recording you would like (Step 1, below)
  2. Use the Santa Scheduler to select the date and time of the call (Step 2, next page)
  3. Check out at your shopping cart
  4. Personalize your information using the form that pops up automatically after checkout

(And there is no need to complete all of the personal info right now, we'll send you an email to remind you later - we know how fast kids change! And you can always make updates by clicking "edit my ORDER". Just make sure you personalize it by the day before your call to make certain Santa gets all of your information on time.)

  • Add $20 for calls scheduled on 12/24 (Santa's busiest day!)
  • Add $35 for calls scheduled on 12/25 (Santa's normal day of rest!)


  • CD RECORDINGS come on a mini CD that
    can be played in any tray type of CD player
    and can also be used as an ornament.
  • MP3 RECORDINGS are emailed to the email
    address provided in the checkout page.
    Typically these are sent within 48 hours of the call.
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Live Calls

Experience the latest,
most exciting, and truly BELIEVABLE way to visit with Santa Claus - LIVE on the phone!

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